Fabian Wohlfart 方匕


I am a berlin based communication-designer working between commercial and art, print and web, big and small projects.
Visit anothercodeproject.eu for a deeper insight of my web-related works: ACP is a studio for functional and creative concept, design and code.
A more detailed overview of my graphic and art driven projects will — maybe – follow soon.
Enjoy  ̮‿( ́- ̮-`)‿ ̮ 



If you have any questions, collaborations or inquiries do not hestitate to contact me directly via mail



Fabian Wohlfart
Elbestraße 37
12045 Berlin

M    mail@fabianwohlfart.com
W    https://fabianwohlfart.com
IG   @fffabianwohlfart.com

USt-IdNr DE 307961440


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